Putting the Wow Factor in Our BBQ

Try our pulled pork sandwiches in St Cloud, MN

Other BBQ restaurants only have a small selection of food on the menu. Luckily, Up in Smoke BBQ of St Cloud, MN has many options. From pulled pork sandwiches to house-made kielbasa sausage, we have it all. From our Award-Winning Smoked BBQ to our specialty rubs and seasonings, our BBQ restaurant is far above the rest.

Create a combo plate that's perfect for your taste buds

Lunch or dinner at our BBQ restaurant doesn't have to mean brisket or ribs. You can fill your combo plate with the smoked meats you prefer. Our smoked pulled chicken, juicy chicken wings and flavorful kielbasa sausages are popular picks among our customers.

Choose chicken wings, smoked pulled chicken and/or kielbasa sausages for your combo plate, then pick out two delicious Southern sides. You'll be amazed by how tasty everything is. Visit our BBQ restaurant in St Cloud, MN today to start building your plate.