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Want Juicy BBQ Filled With Flavor?

Visit our BBQ restaurant in St Cloud, MN

If you're tired of going to the same old restaurant everyday, it's time to make a change. Up in Smoke BBQ of St Cloud, MN is a great choice. From BBQ ribs to homemade sausages, Texas style brisket and all homemade sides and soups, we have food that will please any patron. And if you need a lot of food from our BBQ restaurant, don't sweat it. We can bring food right to you with our top-quality BBQ catering services. Visit us to take advantage of our delicious BBQ food today.

Discover more about us

Our BBQ restaurant was founded by pitmaster Tim, who is a lifelong BBQ lover. His commitment to mouthwatering BBQ is unbeatable, and you'll realize exactly that when you sit down inside. We have flavorful brisket, ribs and other BBQ food that you'll surely enjoy.

How are we different?

At Up in Smoke BBQ, we do right what chain BBQ restaurants get wrong. Our pitmasters set our restaurant apart from the rest by:

Serving house-made sausages

Staying true to the BBQ's smoked flavor

Offering delivery and pickup for catering orders

Visit us today to try our juicy house-made kielbasa sausages.